Overton Loyd


400 S. Main St.

Studio 209

Los Angeles, CA


United States





Artist Statement


My intention is to craft images that appear to transcend the limits of the 2 dimensional picture plane. 

Graphic dialogs speaking directly to the soul while challenging our visual perception.


Inspired by Lautrec and Degas, I find myself documenting contemporary events like a "Victorian Age" paparazzi. 

IÕm entranced by the intense drawing speed that a simple ball point pen allows.

Combining that with the erratic flow of watercolors has me reveling within an arresting style of art distinguished as "Street Futurism".


I'm also influenced by Dali's "Paranoiac-critical" method of creating images that evoke multiple meanings. 

However instead of using realism to achieve optical illusions, I'm passionate about exploring aspects of

Abstract Expressionism, juxtaposing the fluidity of acrylics with the gritty textures of charcoal and chalk.


Only now, am I beginning to comprehend the true power of picture making.

I stand for the possibility that art can generate a breakthrough in communication that might allow us to shift

our consciousness, embrace our humanity and access the eternal.










¥   Cinco. Crewest Gallery, LACA

¥   Canceptual. Crewest Gallery, LACA

¥   The Love Show, M.J. Higgins Gallery, LACA





¥   Top of the Dome, Crewest Gallery, LACA

¥   The Hidden Futures, Crewest Gallery, LACA

¥   2nd Anniversary Show, M.J. Higgins Gallery, LACA




¥   Revolutions, Forrest Lawn Museum, LACA

¥   Small Wonders, Pharmaka Gallery, LACA

¥   Black is Beautiful, M.J. Higgins Gallery, LACA

¥   Old Bank District Artwalk, LACA




¥   Community Art Walk Exhibition, Downtown Gallery Row, LACA

¥   Vermont Harbor Community Mixer, LACA

¥   Vermont Harbor Community Conference, LACA




¥   The Art of Funk, San Francisco, CA

¥   Bridges to Freedom, Soka University of America, Aliso Viejo, CA




¥   Eyspeak Community Mural, Los Angeles Southwest College, LACA

¥   Laguna Beach Charity Auction, Laguna Beach, CA




¥   About Face, Municipal Art Gallery, LACA

¥   The Music Is Magic, Maxine Waters Gallery, LACA

¥   3rd World Art Festival, Watts Health Foundation, LACA

¥   Los Angeles Community College, Alumni Exhibition, LACA

¥   Legacy of the Blues, William Grant Still Art Center, LACA




¥   Arts in Motion, Van Nuys, CA

¥   3rd World Art Festival, LACA

¥   Watts Health Foundation, LACA

¥   Sheenway Art, Beverly Hills, CA

¥   Afros & Dominos, Arts & Barbee, LACA




¥   Black Ink., Cartoon Museum, San Francisco, CA

¥   Prejudgment Day, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, LACA




¥   2003 POSSIBILITY PREVAILS - Henry Fonda Theater, LACA

¥   1997 FUNKADELIC - USC Campus, LACA

¥   1997 FLASH LITE - The Tonight Show, LACA

¥   1997 NAACP IMAGE AWARDS - Pasadena Civic Auditorium, LACA

¥   1995 PARLIAMENT - The Grand, London, England

¥   1993 NEW FUTURE NOW! - Arsenio Hall Show, Paramount Studio, LACA

¥   1991 CUE CARD PARTY - The Bottom Line Club, NY, NY




Ned Beatty                                 Martin Mull            

Harlan Ellison                           Martin Sheen

George Clinton                         Quincy Jones

Burt Reynolds                           Reginald Hudlin